Breeding Division - Mesa

The Breeding Division of Royal Arabians is ran by Amanda Pagan.
Located at our farm in Mesa, Arizona at 1660 North Lindsay Rd. Mesa AZ 85213

At Royal Arabians, we pride ourselves in creating what we feel is the future of our breed. We consider ourselves in the forefront of breeding standards in our ability to create not only athletic, but beautiful examples of the Arabian horse.
Each and every breeding decision has been carefully scrutinized and evaluated with our expert staff. We have spent our lives in attempts to create versatile and artistic representations of our ideal Arabian horse.
For us, breeding is our passion, and development of new ideals is what drives us. It is embedded in our program, that we balance perfectly, the horses of the future, while maintaining the presence of the past generations of bloodlines.
We welcome you to experience our breeding program: Something we are very proud of and enjoy sharing with the world!