“Watching a horse blossom as Justin begins to train it and demonstrate its talent, and then seeing that translate to the show ring is a blast every time- whether its him starting a young horse like multi-National Champion TN Khaliente and  or beginning the transformation of a horse not yet successful into a highly competitive Open and Amateur Hunter like our own horse Whisky River VH, unlocking potential is his specialty.

Add to that Justin is not only able to accomplish those big breakthroughs with the horses that he shows himself, but also with his amateur riders, so that horse shows, and even  just riding and getting together on weekends at Royal is absolutely the most fun adults can have! To say nothing about how he is able to maximize the investment in our horse program as owners and breeders.

He has much to offer the Arab business with his knowledge of both pedigrees and training, he is a real leader for the future of our business."

— Candace and David Berry  |  Caliente Creek Ranch


“We’ve had the privilege to know Justin for the last two years.  We were new to the Performance division of Royal Arabians and Justin guided us in acquiring and training our horses. Justin is an exceptional trainer and rider who’s earned the respect not only of his clients but also his peers in the Arabian horse world.”

— Sylvain Allard and Robyn Andrews  |  Scottsdale, Arizona


“What can I say about Justin.. he is an amazing trainer and friend . I have enjoyed working with him and have appreciated his honest evaluations my horses and potential future horses.. so much fun going through the training and showing process with him... Cheers to one of the best!"

— Laura Koch


“We have known Justin since his days in Nevada and have absolutely loved watching him grow over the years, recently achieving the highest honor of Hunter Pleasure/Show Hack Trainer of the Year. He is an absolute mastermind of his craft. His amazing talent aside, Justin is one of the kindest and most thoughtful trainers in the industry. He always goes above and beyond with the horses and with his clients. We couldn’t be happier for all his success!”

— Jim, Sherry & Sarah Pedder


I am honored to be one of Justin’s first youth riders. I started with Justin in 2013 as a beginner, and with his instruction, worked my way up to better and better horses, honing my riding skills before acquiring Finding Fame+//. I look up to you like a big brother. Thank you for believing in me and always pushing me to strive for more; encouraging me to stick with it. Yours was the voice I listened to that helped me earn numerous, Regional, Scottsdale and National championships and top tens, and which led me to receiving Region VII's Scholarship Award. You're the best!

— Taylor Lincoln


“Justin has been a great friend over the years and is so talented as a trainer, especially when he turns a halter horse into a performance horse—it’s astounding! With the different aspects of breeding for halter vs. performance, it is not an easy crossover; however, Justin does it with grace every time and it never ceases to amaze me.”

— AJ Marino



“Thank you Guzzo for sharing your knowledge vision!  We truly appreciate your care and dedication to our horses and the Royal Arabian family."

— Sylvain Allard and Robyn Andrews


“When someone asks me about Guzzo Three things come to mind. 1. Passion for what he does.  2.  Love for family and horses.  3. and a undying loyalty for those in his universe."

— Regan and Renae Rohl


“It's not all about Arabian horses with Guzzo. He lights up the world around him with passion and good intentions. We love and trust all of Guzzo."

— Joe and Kim Orr


“I’ve known Guzzo for over 10 years and I’ve come to admire him a lot. Besides being an outstanding horseman, he is devoted to his family and and has a big heart.  Even with his celebrity and busy schedule, he takes time to listen and talk to everyone. He enjoys helping people and has taught me a lot. He loves his dogs as well as his horses. He’s a warm, generous, talented man, deserving of much respect."

— Perry Payson


“Stu and I absolutely adore Guzzo! He is an unquestioned authority on the Arabian horse, with great judgment; an unerring eye for quality, correctness and style; and deep insight into the breed’s nature and psyche. More important, Guzzo’s warmth, kindness, patience and generosity of spirit make him a joy to be around. He is a wonderful teacher of both horses and humans,  a tip-top trainer/handler, a great friend — and Guzzo also has no equal as a grill master and chef: His steaks, salmon and salad dressing are Five Star! It is an honor and a treat to be on Team Guzzo!"

— Stu and Carol Nierenberg


“We have been with Guzzo and his fantastic team for five years now and could not be happier!  The training and conditioning is second to none and have had great success in the show ring and with sales. Most importantly, our horses are always genuinely cared for and taken care of at the highest level. We look forward to many years with Guzzo, who is a great horseman and even better person!"

— Eric and Karen England


“Guzzo is God-like."

— Ms. Michele Pfeifer


“Dixie and I have known Rodolfo Guzzo for over 20 years.  We originally met him in Brazil on our second trip to see the Brazilian Nationals.  At that time, he was still in the early phases of his career as a leading Brazilian Arabian trainer   Rodolfo and his partner (Dejair) managed a very nice halter training facility that contained a great collection of many of the leading halter horses owned by renowned Brazilian breeders.  We were very impressed by the quality of his show horses and a large number of Winners he constantly handled at the Brazilian Nationals and other major shows.
Over the next few years, he was very helpful to us as we began to build up our Brazilian bred show horses as he introduced us to most of the major Brazilian breeders.   With his support, we also began to feel “at home” during our multiple trips (around 24 times)  to the major Brazilian breeding farms and key shows.  
During this 8 year time period, we began to wish Rudolfo could also come to the US and help us with our growing collection of fantastic halter show horses.  Together, we worked to get time and correct paperwork that allowed him to spend up to six months per year in the U.S.  With his leadership, even, as a small breeder, we were able to win major awards at the big major shows like Scottsdale and U.S. Nationals.
Rodolfo is an experienced trainer/handler of halter show horses and he is also always available to help the new owner with his knowledge and support.  He was our agent and advisor in buying Lumiar Amadeus (my heart horse) and Sir Fames HBV (sir of another heart horse, Ever After NA) for us.  He was the major influence in selling Padrons Psyche to Europe. Of course, Natalia Nieves was our major employee and adopted daughter at one time, and he stole her heart and now they are happily married with two wonderful boys.
Overall, he has great knowledge of the worldwide Arabian show horse but he and Natalia are also great friends to North Arabians LLC.  We love and support them all the way!

— Robert and Dixie North