*El Tino

Come see him up close and personal along with some of his superstar children and he will instantly make your breeding decisions that much easier.

This stallion is engraving his name through his foals and is en route to be one of the breed’s all-time greats breeding stallions.

Now, for the fourth year in a row, he has been named the leading sire at the Brazilian Nationals.

Contact us to schedule your appointment to come and embrace this genetic masterpiece who is bettering the Arabian breed one special foal after another consistently.

Let him paint your dream come true

SCID and CA Clear

Owned Proudly by Desert Sky Arabians of Scottsdale, Arizona.


           For breeding info, contracts or to order Semen please contact
           info@royalarabians.com - Natalia Nieves Guzzo - +1.760.443.4853


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